Gesaky Interactive

Company presentation :

Gesaky Interactive specialise in Customer Engagement for retail customers. Our primary product is an Interactive Mirror that uses RFID technology to engage with customers in fashion, toy, furniture and other retail stores. Our cloud based analytical database adds an additional layer of intelligence to every in-store customer action, which provides the retailer with insights into their customers buying habits.

Interactive Mirror


Technology overview :

Before we integrate our RFID, NFC and iBeacon technology into a single customer stack, we first work with the retailer to understand their retail, technology and customer experience goals. Once this journey has been identified we then design our technology platform to maximise the ROI on the shop floor. Our three key goals is to 1. Increase Footfall into the Store. 2. Increase Conversion Rates for each Store. 3. Increase the Average Transactional Value for each Customer.

For each of these technologies we use variuos mediums to communicate with the in-store customer. These include our own Interactive Mirror, Touchscreens, Smart Glass, Smart Phones and OLED Screens.


Concrete examples of implementations and uses of technological brick : 

Our Interactive Mirror is typically situated in Fashion Stores, and acts a Personal Shopper for every store customer. The Mirror can act as an in-store shop assistant to an intelligent advisor that understands that particular customers shopping preferences.

In Furniture Stores we use screens to build furniture collections for the customer, matching items and accessories associated with every in-store item.

In Toy Stores we build child friendly screens that produce cartoon images to communicate to children and their parents, explaining how toys operate, what other pieces are available in that collection and touchscreen entertainment to educate the child.

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